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We are a team of medical experts who are passionate about optimizing your health and wellness. Learn more about what you can expect at Thrive and during your IV experience


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“Thrive was founded with a single mission in mind: To help our Clients live a healthier life, whatever that may be. We stirve every day to provide you with an unparalleled service in a timely manner by people who care. We can’t wait to serve you. #KeepThrivin

“I was feeling awful for a few days because of a bad case of food poisoning, but I left without the headache or stomach cramps and with a lot more energy. I wish I had gone sooner and definitely plan to go back to see how great it will make me feel when I’m healthy!”

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Thrive is an assembled team of leading experts in the medical field, including Medical Directors, Nurse Practicioners, RNs with Advanced Certifications, and Paramedics.

Our medical team has the expertise to meet your needs. Our knowledge and experience in this industry provides us with the core strength needed to provide each customer with the very best that the industry has to offer.


Even if you meet your daily goal of 10 cups, it can be offset by drinking diuretic beverages such as alcohol, coffee, and soda.

Over time, failure to stay hydrated can contribute to a wide array of medical complications, from fatigue, joint pain, weight gain, headaches to ulcers, high blood pressure and kidney disease.

By restoring your body to it’s optimal vitamin and nutrient levels, you can reduce or eliminate a wide variety of symptoms. Many patients report feeling better within minutes of receiving one of our treatments. You’ll be surprised at how great your body is supposed to feel!

Our Team

Jamey Shirah


I am the Owner/Founder – Jamey Shirah – Jamey Shirah founded Thrive in Charleston in June of 2017. He has worked in the IV Spa space since early 2012, the first years of IV spas coming to the market. Previously, Jamey helped jump-start a beverage start-up called Kill Cliff, whose main focus is in the health and wellness space, mostly focused in the cross-fit market. Jamey also is the CMO of a restaurant group with 6 locations in 3 different states. Jamey’s career has been spent in the Service and Health & Wellness Industries and he sincerely hopes to serve you on day.

Dr. Saleeby

Medical Director

Exerpt for Dr. Saleeby – Dr. Yusuf Saleeby is the Medical Director of Thrive Total Wellness. He is a graduate from the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia and completed post-graduate training at East Carolina University School of Medicine in Greenville, North Carolina. He pursued a career in emergency medicine (EM) for almost two decades. During his career in medicine held posts in occupational medicine (DOD) and Urgent Care and Family Medicine. Currently, he practices Integrative & Functional Medicine at Carolina Holistic Medicine with sites in Charleston and Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

“Kristina Scheibner- GM – Kristina has been the GM at Thrive since 2019 and has helped thousands of people increase their drive and feel more alive!”. She has focused on health and wellness as a way of life through her power yoga practice. After graduating with a BA in Public Relations she became certified as a personal trainer and yoga teacher and found a passion for sharing health and wellness with others. Previously she was a Manager for Orange Theory Fitness in Mount Pleasant. Her entire focus has been on Wellness from the inside out.

Kristina Schiebner

General Manager