Cooper River Bridge Run

The Cooper River Bridge Run

A world-class 10K run/walk with a great mission, the Cooper River Bridge Run takes participants through a scenic route including Mount Pleasant, over the Cooper River Bridge with its breathtaking views and picturesque historic downtown Charleston. Its mission, to promote a healthy lifestyle, falls right in line with us here at Thrive Total Wellness.

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The Cooper River Bridge Run is not even a race; it’s an experience. Founded n 1978, the Bridge Run had 766 competitors and originally ran over the Silas Pearman Bridge. In 2006, with a record number of runners (45,663), the race was moved to the Ravenel bridge where it currently stands. This year, the 25th anniversary of the Bridge Run will surely bring an unbelievable crowd of over 40,000 people, making it the 3rd largest 10K in the country. The participants consist of world-class athletes, a growing elite wheelchair division, running enthusiasts, walkers, and friends and family. Not only does this nonprofit provide funding and of 12 local charities, but it also has an estimated impact of over 30 million dollars to the Lowcountry.

If you are competing in the Bridge Run, or just coming in town to support a runner or the event, be sure to add a visit to Thrive to make the most of it. IV therapy is becoming more visible at marathons, where runners get hydration and electrolytes delivered directly into their bloodstream. This surely beats waiting for the digestive system to process fluids and nutrients. Offering vitamins & Electrolytes such as B12, B Complex, Vitamin C & D, plus the electrolyte-packed fluids themselves will allow you to enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

If you’re running, Thrive can deliver fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins intravenously immediately after prolonged, strenuous exercise to quickly replenish depleted resources without further stressing the digestive system or kidneys. Our Fluid also aids in restoring the electrolyte balance immediately after endurance activity, is essential to muscle recovery, and reduces soreness and inflammation. Furthermore, our personalized IV drips contain the correct ratios of fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins that the body needs. This is far better than relying on beverages, foods, and snacks that may not have the right amounts or not be immediately bioavailable.

However, IV therapies aren’t just beneficial AFTER your run, but many long-distance runners are using IV drips BEFORE a marathon. They do this to ensure the body has the proper fluids and nutrients. Additionally, the hydration and supplements are immediately available for use during the activity, rather than waiting for processing by the digestive system. Runners, cyclists, and other endurance athletes find that it helps them perform faster and better for more extended periods.

Make an appointment today to get the most out of your visit. We have ample parking for our very easy in and out downtown location. If you’re interested in a house call, we can also come to you!